Paisley population 2023

Latest estimates are that the Paisley population is 77,220. This makes it the fifth most populated settlement in Scotland.

Located just to the west of Glasgow, Paisley is not classified as a city, but as a town. In fact, it is the largest town in Scotland. It is also the administrative centre for Renfrewshire.


Across the whole of Renfrewshire, 97.27% of the population is of white origin, a further 1.78% are Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British, 0.46% are African, and 0.07 are Caribbean or Black.


The largest religious group (58.7%) in Renfrewshire is Christian, the second largest is no religion (32.66%) and a further 6.85% of people did not state their religion in the census.

Of Christian groups, Church of Scotland is the largest – 32.23% of people are affiliated with the national church. A further 22.74% of people are Roman Catholic, and finally 3.9% of people are affiliated to another Christian church.

Of non-Christian religions, the largest is Muslim with just 0.75% of the population, followed by Sikh (0.33%), Hindu (0.16%) and Hindu (0.15%).

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